Well, human beings are always curious about any mysterious or celestial events that occur either on earth or in the Cosmos, but the most mysterious thing is itself our planet Earth. The Earth is so full of mysteries and surprises, but the most mysterious things don’t lie above the Earth but lie below it.

Have you ever wondered what lies below the Earth or what it is even composed of, well let’s find out?

Earth is composed of different types of layers and as we go on deep down the earth we see different layers and for our convenience, we have divided different layers of earth into three different parts that include CRUST, MANTLE, and CORE. Now let’s study them one at a time.



The topmost layer of earth is called CRUST, further CRUST is divided into two types one is CONTINENTAL CRUST and the second is OCEANIC CRUST.


Continental Crust is the layer of granite and metamorphic rocks that forms the continents, It is 40km deep.


Oceanic crust is the uppermost layer of the oceanic portion of a tectonic plate, it is around 25-30km deep, in simple word it is the base of the Ocean.

Now after CRUST, when we go more deeply into the Earth we find MANTLE.



The mantle is made of rocks and is generally the largest and most massive layer of the planetary body, to have a better understanding of it we classify MANTLE into two types one is UPPER MANTLE and second is LOWER MANTLE.


The upper mantle is around 640km deep and is composed of minerals like OLIVINE and PYROXENE, the temperature varies in this region and it is around 200-900 degrees Celcius.


The lower mantle is around 650-2170km deep, here the temperature is quite high it is around 4000-degree Celcius but because of the intense pressure which is provided by the upper layers, it is in solid form in most of the planet.

Now we move to the deepest portion of the earth which includes CORE, and again for our better understanding, we divide CORE into two types one is OUTER CORE and the second is INNER CORE.



The outer core which is considered as the deepest part of the Earth is a high-density liquid that is mainly composed of IRON and NICKEL and in this layer, the temperature is extremely high it is almost around 5000-degree Celcius though there is pressure from the upper layers of the Earth, because of the intense high temperature this particular layer is not in solid form it is in highly dense liquid form and because of the movement of this high dense liquid Earth’s magnetic field is generated which protect us from the harmful ultraviolet solar radiations and solar winds from Sun.


The inner core makes the center of any planet, it looks like a big ball of fire that is continuous burning in the center, its radius is around 1,220km thick and the temperature found in this layer is around 5,500-degrees Celcius.

The physical composition of this layer is not yet known to scientists but for many geologists and scientists, it is believed that the INNER CORE may contain alloys of IRON and NICKEL and some traces of GOLD, SILVER, and PLATINUM can also be found inside it, though the temperature is maximum in this layer it is not in liquid form the simple explanation of this question is that because of the high pressure which is generated by the upper layer, this layer remains in solid form.

So, this is the extremely short introduction of our INNER LAYER’S OF EARTH, we hope you have liked it, and for more interesting topics do subscribe to the blogs and keep visiting.

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