Constellation In India: History and Facts

A CONSTELLATION is a group of stars, which when joined to each other with the help of an imaginary line, it starts forming some shape, sometimes the shape represents a hunter or sometimes it represents a bear, so based on the shape formation the constellation get his name, though the stars look very close to each other when viewed from earth, in reality, they are many million miles away from each other, so have you ever wondered what is the importance of our constellations and how our ancient ancestors were using these constellations in their times and at present scenario how astronomers are using this, let’s find out

How Constellation Was Used In Ancient Time

The history of the constellation is very deep and interesting, our ancient ancestors had painted all these constellations in their dens, but with passing time they found out the real use of constellations, Ancient Minoans who used to live by the side of MEDITERRANEAN ISLAND from their ancient books we concluded that those people use the constellations for their navigational purpose they use these constellations as a star tracking device in the night, mainly for their long journey through boats or ships, similarly, the use of constellation as navigational purpose can find out in other ancient cultures like EGYPT, INDIA, CHINA, etc.


Now another use of constellation was, our ancient ancestors knew that constellations appear at a particular place for a particular period time so they started noting the pattern of constellations as which constellation appears in which season, for example, consider INDIA In INDIA usually, in summer THE GREAT BEAR CONSTELLATION is seen so our ancestors keep an eye on this constellation and as soon as this constellation started appears in the night sky they knew summer season is arriving so they start ploughing their crop fields, prepares the seed of those crops which are suitable for the summer season similar pattern is followed during the winter season also, so we see how our ancient ancestors use these constellations.

Now let’s find out how modern human beings are using these constellations in the present time, and at present scenario how many constellations have been discovered, let’s find out.

At present time INTERNATIONAL ASTRONOMICAL UNION is an organization that looks and researches the constellations, and at present time there are a total of 88 constellations which have been discovered, and most of them has been named before the ROMAN Gods and Goddess, now let’s find out how modern humans and astronomers are using this constellation, At present time astronomers have divided the celestial spheres based on the location of a particular constellation so that they could study the universe, we can understand this by taking an example, in 2017 an unknown object which was named as OMUAMUA has passed from our earth but nobody knows exactly what was that object and if you ask any astronomer or cosmologist they will not give an exact answer to this question but they have a theory that this interstellar object has arrived from LYRA CONSTELLATION, so we easily see how constellations are being used by modern astronomers.

Constellations In India

If you are living in INDIA you are lucky enough to witness constellations throughout the year, in summer the famous constellation we can witness is THE GREAT BEAR CONSTELLATION which is also known as THE BIG DIPPER and in INDIA it is famous as SAPTRISHI, this is a group of 7 stars that when viewed resembles a bear and it is visible in the summer season, the constellation seems very beautiful and adorable to watch, you can witness this constellation after sunset during summertime.

The second major constellation that we can witness in INDIA during the summer season is SCORPIUS CONSTELLATION, it is one of the ancient constellations among the 48 constellations which has been discovered by GREEK ASTRONOMER PTOLEMY, this is one of the beautiful constellations one can easily witness during the summer season.

orion constellation

Now in the wintertime, the most famous and wondrous constellation that we can view is ORION CONSTELLATION. ORION CONSTELLATION is a group of 7 stars which when viewed resembles a hunter, it is one of those constellations which our ancient ancestors used to worship especially in the EGYPTIAN region, this constellation is a treat to watch, similarly, there are many constellations one can easily view from INDIA like AURIGA CONSTELLATION, CANIS MAJOR, TAURUS CONSTELLATION, GEMINI and many more, So this is a simple introduction of the constellation we hope you have a blast while reading this, come back for more.

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