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Humanistic Principles



Welcome to RELIGION Section

Religion is an organized collection of beliefs, myths, culture, and world views that relates humanity to an order of existence. At the present scenario, there are approximately more than 10,000+ religion across the world, out of which 85% of the world’s population mainly follows HINDUISM, CHRISTIANITY and ISLAM. Religion through their Holy books also teaches human beings about how to live their life peacefully, and make to this world a beautiful place to live in.



Welcome to ASTRONOMY Section

Well, Astronomy is the branch of Physical science which deals with the study of the universe, through astronomy we can find out various secrets of the universe like the science behind Black Holes, Worm Holes, Planets, Asteroids etc. It’s quite fun and interesting to watch the night sky and wonder about our place in this entire Cosmos. As World’s famous Astronomer Carl Sagan once told: “ SOMETHING SOMEWHERE INCREDIBLE IS WAITING TO BE KNOWN “.

Tour & Travel


Welcome to TOUR & TRAVEL Section

There is a great saying in English that “ A MIND THAT IS STRETCHED BY A NEW EXPERIENCE CAN NEVER GO BACK TO ITS OLD DIMENSIONS”, Travel is like a meditation it heals you from inside, Travelling will not only increase your knowledge but also it will allow you an opportunity to explore new places, new culture and meeting new people.


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